Anonymous: What do you think about the helmets for girls lax?

I’m all for it tbh 

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A girl from my school went missing earlier in the week on Tuesday, if you live in the Nassau County/Queens area please keep a look out


Anonymous: best goggles?

cascade i guess??? i have stx goggles and those are pretty good i mean i guess it depends

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Anonymous: I'm a freshmen in high school and just started playing lacrosse last year. Is there a possibility that I can get to varsity by next year? And my brothers and parents are telling me to learn/practice more in the summer, should I do it?

yes there’s definitely a possibility if you practice really hard and stand out to your coaches

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Anonymous: what position do you play

i play low d

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Anonymous: how long have you played lacrosse

this is my fourth year playing

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Anonymous: hey i live on long island and im in 10th grade. but i only started playing last summer. do you know any lax teams that would be good for me? ik most girls teams at my age are pretty advanced. im obsessed with your blog btw its AWESOME!! i listed the teams i know of here

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Anonymous: I got most improved on my JV team last year. 96% of my team moved up to varsity this year, I didn't. Reason why I might be stuck on JV with all freshman who have never played before?

I literally went through the exact same thing the beginning of this season. My friends and I would practice with Varsity during try-outs and when the list was put up I didn’t make it, but hey, its probably for the best. It gives you more time to improve and you have more playing time. I’d rather be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.

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Anonymous: I'm from Queens and just joined my schools team and this is my first time playing and I love it so much. Do you know any teams I can join outside of school?

I know Long Island Pride, Lighthouse Lacrosse and LI Thunder, but not any in Queens, sorry

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