Anonymous: what position do you play

i play low d

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Anonymous: how long have you played lacrosse

this is my fourth year playing

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Anonymous: hey i live on long island and im in 10th grade. but i only started playing last summer. do you know any lax teams that would be good for me? ik most girls teams at my age are pretty advanced. im obsessed with your blog btw its AWESOME!! i listed the teams i know of here

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Anonymous: I got most improved on my JV team last year. 96% of my team moved up to varsity this year, I didn't. Reason why I might be stuck on JV with all freshman who have never played before?

I literally went through the exact same thing the beginning of this season. My friends and I would practice with Varsity during try-outs and when the list was put up I didn’t make it, but hey, its probably for the best. It gives you more time to improve and you have more playing time. I’d rather be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.

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Anonymous: I'm from Queens and just joined my schools team and this is my first time playing and I love it so much. Do you know any teams I can join outside of school?

I know Long Island Pride, Lighthouse Lacrosse and LI Thunder, but not any in Queens, sorry

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Anonymous: I used to play defense: One time I was supposed to get called on shooting space and my stick was in contact with the attacker's stick to try to block her shot. But she kept propelling as the ref blew the whistle, so she got called for dangerous shot even though as she continued to propel my stick came down and hit her in the head. So she got a yellow card and then she argued with the ref which didn't help her at all. I hit a girl in the head and she got a card. It was great!

that was like my last scrimmage, but instead i was on the 8 next to the goal and the girl came in and slammed into me and shot the ball right at my head instead of the goal and the refs didn’t call it i was gonna explode

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Anonymous: I mean I got called for a dangerous propel. I was shooting for a penalty shot and the ball had left my stick and a girl moved in front of It so it hit her in the stomach. the ref said that he was going to call it on her for shooting space but since I hit her it was called on me for a dangerous propel.

she was supposed to get called bc she didn’t establish her space before you shot and thats an obstruction, but you probably only got called for a dangerous propel because you hit her hard or something and the ref felt that there should be some repercussion (which sucks because by the sound of it it wasn’t really your fault)

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Anonymous: please explain the difference between when they call it on shooting space vs. dangerous propel

okay, obstruction of shooting space is called on the defender who stands directly in front of the shooter’s space, no one is supposed to standing directly in front of the goal unless you’re the goalie, its not your job and it gets in the way of the shooter’s chance at goal. the defender also can’t just come out of nowhere in the middle of a shot bc they didn’t establish their space before the shot was made, so if i girl hits you while you run into her shooting space, you’ll be called bc you weren’t there prior. dangerous propelĀ is called on offense when the defender has already established their space and the mid-fielder/attack blatantly run into them, shoot at them, or any other form of illegal body/stick checking or “unnecessary roughness”. if a girl has been standing in front of you and you see her when you run down, obviously don’t run into her, thats ridiculous, you see her, go around her.

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